aw 11/12 _ labyrinth _ womenswear

design: n i O k a by Nika Ravnik
photo: Aljoša Kravanja & Aleša Velikonja
make-up & hair: Hrvoje Kožul / MUD /
model: Petra Švajger
shoes: Iris van Herpen x United Nude Limited Edition /

_ the inspiration for this collection came from labyrinths, attractive because of their mystical and mysterious elements.
I focused on the labyrinth as a symbol, a geometric form, as a method of construction, and as a complex system with various options. This is reflected in the collection through the use of two-dimensional, as well as in three-dimensional, forms of clothing, textures, and patterns.
I was playing with ways of cutting material, geometric interweaving, and arrangement of fabric/knitting, on the system of a chosen labyrinth. In this way peculiar patterns were created. The labyrinth's detail appears on the garments, but the final result differentiates due of the use of various techniques and materials.
I mainly wanted to create a wearable and timeless collection with details that leave a lasting impression.

_ available at studio/showroom n i O k a & SREDA (Institute for design), Ajdovšcina underpass, Ljubljana, Slovenia / or by order, in other colours and sizes also /

_ made in Slovenia (EU)

back tail knit dress back tail knit dress_side unique knit cardigan_two-way unique knit cardigan_two-way_back unique knit cardigan_two-way unique knit cardigan_two-way_side charcoal back tail zip dress charcoal back tail zip dress_side asymmetric knit cardigan asymmetric knit cardigan_side cotton sheer blouse_wool trousers pattern kimono jacket pattern kimono jacket_side knit longsleeve top_knit trousers pattern kimono jacket pattern kimono jacket_side turquoise green overlap dress back tail overlap dress back tail overlap dress_side long front cardigan_tail skirt unisex cardigan long double breasted wool blazer double breasted long blazer_side tail knit top tail knit top_side knit longsleeve top_wool trousers purple overlap dress purple overlap dress_side black knit dress black knit dress black knit dress_side wool coat wool coat wool coat_side tail blouse_wool trousers tail blouse_wool trousers_side unique hooded wool jacket unique hooded wool jacket_side knit tail top_long tail skirt knit tail top_long tail skirt_side kimono jacket_maxi dress kimono jacket_maxi dress_side maxi dress maxi dress_side