Matter Loci x Matter Globalis _ international fashion group exhibition, part of the Fashion System team _ BIO50 _ 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana _ MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design _ Slovenia _ 18th September – 7th December 2014

_ project by The Fashion System team, Nika Ravnik / n i O k a exhibiting a jumper made of raw Slovenian wool with a unique experimental technique: wet felting, purposefully damaging the felt in the washing machine and then reconstructing it again into a new texture. /

_ the project received Honourable mention at BIO 50:

_ BI0 50 in the international press Disegno Daily:

_ photography: The Fashion System team, Clara Vankerschaver & Ana Kovac

Photo:The Fashion System team Photo: Ana Kovac Photo:The Fashion System team raw Slovenian wool